CG Consults does just that; consults.  Our services are tailored to our customers and focused on meeting their every need throughout the business development lifecycle to a successful contract and project execution.  

It is our goal to teach and equip our clients for success.  While we're happy to serve to provide all that our customer requires at any phase, we belive in equipping our customers with the tools, techniques, and knowledge to ensure their long-term success after the engagement.

Our team PERFORMS each of the services highlighted below; however, as a value add, we provide instructional guidance on each as defined, upon request:

  • Organizational Business Development Process Management.  How to implement and streamline BD and operational processes within your organization
  • Strategic Business Development.  How to target and market your organizational capabilities to specific customers
  • Customer Engagement Strategies.  How to engage your targeted customers
  • Opportunity Identification and Assessment Training.  How to identify and assess opportunities within your market
  • Capture Management.  How to successfully capture opportunities
  • Proposal Management.  ​How to develop and manage winning proposals
  • Project Management.  ​How to ensure the success of the project
  • Contract Management.  ​How to successfully execute and manage the contract 
  • Proposal Writing and Coordination Support.  ​How to write and coordinate proposal support
  • Grant Development, Coordination, and Writing Support.  ​How to write and coordinate grant development support